January 2024 英単語

quintessential 典型的な、本質的な <類似語> typical, essential
・His actions were the quintessential example of bravery in the face of adversity.
ineffable 言い表せない、言葉にできない <類似語> indescribable, inexpressible
・The beauty of the sunset was ineffable, leaving them in awe.
vicarious 代理の、他人の経験を通して得た <類似語> secondhand, surrogate
・Reading about their adventures gave her a vicarious thrill.
ennui 倦怠感、無気力感
・I am suffering from ennui.
ephemeral 一時的な <類似語> transient, fleeting
・The beauty of cherry blossoms is ephemeral, lasting only a short time.

effervescent 活気に満ちた、気分が高揚している <類似語> lively, bubbly
・Her effervescent personality made her the life of the party.
ubiquitous 至る所にある <類似語> omnipresent, widespread
・The ubiquitous use of smartphones has transformed how we communicate.
mellifluous 甘美な音の <類似語> harmonious, melodious
・The mellifluous melody of the piano filled the room.
serendipity 偶然の幸運 <類似語> chance, luck
・The discovery of penicillin was a serendipitous breakthrough in medicine.
eclectic 折衷的な、幅広く選りすぐった <類似語> diverse, varied
・Her eclectic taste in music ranged from classical to hip-hop.

perfidious :不誠実な、裏切りの <類似語> treacherous, deceitful
・The perfidious act of betrayal left a lasting impact on their friendship.
ephemeral :一時的な <類似語> transient, fleeting
・The beauty of sunset is ephemeral, lasting only a short time.
languish :しぼむ、元気をなくす <類似語> wither, decline
・Plants languish without proper care and sunlight.
quixotic :空想的な、非現実的な <類似語> idealistic, impractical
・His quixotic dreams of changing the world seemed unattainable to many.
effervescent :活気に満ちた、気分が高揚している <類似語> lively, bubbly
・Her effervescent personality made her the life of the party.

tonsil: 扁桃腺 <同>paristhmion《解剖》 
swatch: 材料見本 a swatch storage device 見本収納装置(特許などに見られる)
manifold: 多種多様(の)、多面的(な)、多様体、連結管 manifold factors 諸々の要因
cinder: 灰 ◆通例cinders a volcanic conglomerate, called cinder 噴石という火山礫
taciturn: 無口な、寡黙な、むっつりした,【対】talkative He is a taciturn man.
semantically: 意味(論)的に semantics 意味論

benevolent: 親切な、慈善を行う、類義語: kind, gerous
・The benevolent neighbor always helps others in need.
cacophony :耳障りな、 類義語: nose, din
・The construction site was filled with the cacophony of jackhammers and drills.
debilitate: 衰弱させる、台無しにする、類義語: weaken, impair
・The illness debilitated his strength, and he couldn’t work for weeks.
ephemeral:つかの間の、はかない、 類義語: transitory, fleeting
・The beauty of cherry blossoms is ephemeral, lasting only a few days each spring.
furtive:人目を気にした、隠そうとしている、 類義語: stealthy, sneaky
・He cast a furtive glance at the closed door, hoping no one would notice.
garrulous:おしゃべりな、冗長な、 類義語: talkative, chatty
・The garrulous old man told stories to anyone who would listen.
hapless: 不運な、類義語: unfortunate, luckless
・The hapless traveler lost his passport and missed his flight.
iconoclast: 聖像・因習破壊者、類義語: maverick, rebel
・The artist was considered an iconoclast for challenging conventional art norms.
juxtapose : (比較のために)並べて置く、類義語: compare, contrast
・The museum exhibit juxtaposed ancient artifacts with modern sculptures.